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Our mine


The Ballarat Gold Mine is a well-established gold mine in the premier Victorian gold belt of Australia. We own several tenements around Ballarat and in nearby goldfields.

The Ballarat Gold Mine is located one hour from the city of Melbourne.

Ballarat Gold Mine is owned and managed by Victory Minerals Pty Ltd who entered into an agreement to acquire the Ballarat tenement package including the mill, various equipment and substantial mine development from Lihir Gold in March 2010. 

First gold production commenced during the 3rd Quarter 2011. Mining techniques are based on a combination of ore generated from the development along the strike of the ore zone, mechanised drift and fill plus longhole bench stoping.

Mining at Ballarat Gold Mine aims to maintain a production rate of 40,000 to 50,000 ounces of gold per year from underground drilling programmes targeting resources adjacent to existing workings and which have significant additional potential for mine life extension.

Ballarat Gold Mine Rainbow

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Our mysterious underground

Ballarat has a long history with mining. The underground beneath our city holds many secrets but we know quite a lot about the past. If you want to see more detail about the old mine shafts and workings, exploration drilling and where we are operating now then these drawings will be of interest to you!

Simply click on the icons in the image below and a more detailed cross section of the underground workings and compartments will be revealed.

Ever wondered what its like underground?

Now you can take a virtual tour of the Ballarat Gold Mine underground and processing plant.

If you have VR goggles than your experience will be fantastic but if you don’t just use your mouse to toggle around the view.

Enjoy the ride!

Click here to see the Prince Compartment

Click here to see the Normanby Compartment

Click here to see the Sovereign Compartment

Click here to see the Canton Compartment

Click here to see the Golden Point Compartment

Click here to see the Llanberris Compartment

Click here to see the Britannia Compartment

Click here to see the Victoria Compartment