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Our community


Ballarat Gold Mine will continue to communicate with members of the community in any areas that are to be impacted upon by our operations.

Ballarat Gold Mine is committed to:

We have built and developed constructive relationships with the community in Ballarat and other stakeholders by engaging them in frequent consultation and dialogue.

Listening closely to the residents in the area around our mine and working to resolve any issues that arise has helped us to establish mutual support, understanding and trust.

The Ballarat Gold Mine has adopted the following Community Engagement principles:

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All complaints and enquiries received from the community regarding the construction and operation of the Ballarat Gold Mine, will be taken seriously.

Enquiries, compliments and complaints can be directed to Ballarat Gold Mine.

Environmental Review Committee

It is a condition of the licence that the Ballarat Gold Mine Environmental Review Committee (ERC) is convened and includes a group of stakeholders who review environmental and social performance relating to the mining operation.

The ERC aims to:

The ERC is chaired by a Ward Councillor, City of Ballarat. It includes 4 -6 representatives from community and neighbours, special interest groups, Earth Resources Regulation, City of Ballarat, Corangamite CMA, EPA Vic, Central Highlands Water and Hancock Victoria Plantations.

The ERC is an open meeting where visitors can attend as observers; an observer may request an agenda item via their nominated ERC representative prior to the meeting. Observers do not have an active role in the committee and must adhere to the ERC Terms of Reference.

To find out more or to find your local representative you can contact us or Earth Resources