Ballarat Gold Mine is committed to supporting the Ballarat Community beyond employment and the standard economic return that accompanies any viable business. 

We acknowledge and appreciate the ‘social licence to operate’ that the people of Ballarat afford our business and recognise the organisation’s philanthropic strategy is linked to this high level of support.

Key areas of community support

Ballarat Gold Mine will consider sponsoring projects that provide benefits to the communities in which we operate. Projects need to promote and contribute to our community’s skills and awareness of one or more of the following priority areas.

Community Education – Projects that promote local skills development and add value to existing or new educational programs.

Natural Resources and Sustainability – Projects that protects and enhances natural resource assets including land, water and biodiversity or activities that assist communities to meet the challenges of living in a sustainable manner.

Health & Fitness – Projects that support and encourage healthier, safer more inclusive communities.

Arts and Culture – Activities that promote and encourage a broader involvement with the arts and culture programs.

Ballarat Gold Mine will generally not support

  • Individuals, private companies and commercial entities
  • Activities which are usually exclusively funded by government
  • Political campaigns or religious organisations for religious activities
  • One-off donations to the same organisation more than once per year
  • Activities which provide a direct financial benefit to Ballarat Gold Mine employees or contractors

Round 1 is now open
closing date is AUGUST 07, 2020

Round 1 is now open and applications from community groups for support up to $1000 should be sent to Ballarat Gold Mine by 5pm August, 7 2020.

Simply fill in the online form below and submit or fill out the application (pdf version) and return to Ballarat Gold Mine. 

Results will be announced shortly after the applications close for each round.

If you have any questions about the funding application, please call us on 5327 2555.

If an application is submitted after the funding round closing date, it may be assessed in the next round. We may also assess applications outside of the funding round on a case by case basis.


Good Neighbour Support Program Online Application

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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • Expense ItemAmount requested from Ballarat Gold MineOther income or inkindTotal Item Cost