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Monitor Location

The locations of five permanent vibration monitors are marked on the map below. The underground workings are separated by faults into compartments. A plan and cross sectional view of the mine illustrates the location of these faults and compartments. Each stope firing occurs in an area underground defined by the compartment and the depth.

Vibration monitor key:

SOV = Sovereign Hill
McK = McKee St
BAR = Barkly St
GP = Golden Point
GREY = Grey St

Vibration Limits

Ballarat Gold Mine’s vibration limits are set, enforced and audited by the Earth Resources Regulator

The following limits are approved in the companies Work Plan:

  • 100% of blasts to have a PPV of less than 10 mm/s.
  • Between the hours of 10pm and 7am, no blast is to exceed a PPV of 3.0 mm/s
  • Overall, 95% of blasts to have a PPV of less than or equal to 5.0 mm/s

PPV = Peak Particle Velocity

The company continues to remain well below these limits.


A stope firing is likely to be detected by multiple monitors. We have provided the report from the monitor with the highest detected reading. If you would like to see the report from a monitor nearer to your property, call 5327 2555 and ask to speak to the Environment department.