environmental review committee

It is a condition of our mining licence that the Ballarat Gold Mine Environmental Review Committee (ERC) is convened and includes a group of stakeholders who review environmental and social performance relating to the mining operation.

Celebrating the 100th ERC meeting in Feb 2020

About the ERC

The ERC is chaired by Michael Poulton – CEO of Commitee for Ballarat. It includes 4 -6 representatives from community and neighbours, special interest groups, Earth Resources Regulation, City of Ballarat, Corangamite CMA, EPA Vic, Central Highlands Water and Hancock Victoria Plantations.

The ERC is an open meeting where visitors can attend as observers; an observer may request an agenda item via their nominated ERC representative prior to the meeting. Observers do not have an active role in the committee and must adhere to the ERC Terms of Reference. The ERC aims to:

community representatives

There are a number of community representatives who sit on the ERC and provide valuable feedback to the mine on the concerns of the community and opportunities to work with the community to make improvements. We are very grateful to them for offering up their volunteer time to assist us.

Members of the community who wish to contact the ERC community representatives should keep in mind that they are giving their time as volunteers and do not represent the mine and are not able to answer technical questions on behalf of the mine. Their role is to bring your concerns to Ballarat Gold Mine for a response.

Name Suburb Contact
Heather Bice
Mt Clear
Kerry Daniel
Golden Point
Floss Pitson
Golden Point
via Ballarat Gold Mine

AGENcy representatives

Organisation Phone Email
ERC Chair Michael Poulton
+61 (03) 5332 1240
Earth Resources Regulation
(+613) 136 186
EPA Victoria
(+613) 1300 372 842
Central Highlands Water
(+613) 1800 061 514

joining the ERC

Ballarat Gold Mine extends an invitation to community members who are interested in joining our Environmental Review Committee.

We recommend you read the Terms of Reference below and contact us to discuss your interest.

All nominees must: 

Organisation Phone Email

City of Ballarat

(+613) 5320 5500
Corangamite CMA
(+613) 5232 9100
HVP Plantations
(+613) 5339 0000
Southern Rural Water
(+613)1300 139 510

ERC Meeting Minutes

Ballarat Gold Mine hosted its 100th Environmental Review Committee meeting on February 6th, 2020. We believe it to be the oldest continuous ERC in Central Victoria.
The Ballarat Gold Mine feels extremely fortunate that we operate in a community that has representatives willing to volunteer their time, to allow us to better understand our community impact and explore ways to minimise this impact.

ERC Meeting quarterly reports

The quarterly report snapshots have been introduced to provide the community with an overview of the key data presented to the ERC meeting. It highlights our performance in meeting our licence conditions and any other key pieces of information that is presented to the ERC.