Our covid-19 protocols

Our commitment to protecting our workforce and local community

Ballarat Gold Mine has moved quickly to implement a wide range of stringent measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 among its workforce and local communities, and to keep its operations up and running.

We understand that we are fortunate to be able to continue operations and our priority is the health and safety of our people, their families and their local communities.
We have adopted all government recommendations and implemented Mineral Councils of Australia (MCA) protocols to keep mine sites operating in Victoria.

Measures and controls that are being applied at Ballarat Gold Mine include: temperature screening on arrival and increased handwashing stations; social distancing on site and in team meetings; separation of teams; advisory signage and staff information; allowing support staff to working from home if possible and continued mental health support. In particular we have introduced the following:

  • No face to face or onsite visits to community homes; and
  • Visitor & short-term contractor symptom declaration form (to be completed by essential visitors / contractors to site);
  • Temperature screening on entry to site;
  • Mandatory handwashing station at the entrance;
  • Personnel working from home (where practicable).
  • Enforcement of physical distancing in offices & meeting areas;
  • Increased hygiene controls around cleaning of high traffic surfaces (door handles etc.);
  • Advisory signage throughout the site;
  • Separation of crews by adjusting start & finish times;
  • Disinfecting of Fitness for Work Breathalyser after every test;
  • Surgical face masks (to be worn in shared areas);
  • Removal of communal item (pens, cups etc.);
  • Disinfecting of visitor PPE (helmets & glasses) & removal of visitor helmet sweat bands;
  • Removal of unnecessary furniture from meeting areas (reduce contact risk);
  • Antibacterial spray and glove & wipe kits available in all vehicles & mobile equipment;
  • Doors wedged open where possible & foot hooks installed on several doors (to eliminate hand contact);
  • Cancellation of non-essential visitors to site;
  • Re-instatement of the turnstile exit gate;
  • Removal of the ‘bucket of balls’ Fitness For Work selection method;
Our actions relate to the main messages from authorities throughout the pandemic and we urge all our staff and the community to adhere to these at work and home:
  • Wash your hands regularly;
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth;
  • Sneeze / cough into a tissue or your elbow;
  • Practice social distancing and isolation
  • Follow government advice and look after all community interests & health
  • Follow MCA Protocols - "protect the health, safety and livelihoods of workers, contractors & communities", James Sorahan, MCA Victorian Executive Director

hygiene and testing

Personal hygiene measures and wash stations have been increased on site. Temperature testing and changes to alcohol testing have been introduced. Cleaning protocols on site have increased on handrails, walkways, meeting rooms and crib rooms. This includes deep cleaning where possible.

increased awareness

Frequent messages to staff and signage are place around the site with the latest advice from relevant authorities ensure we are operating in line with health protocols.

social distancing

Social distancing, or physical distancing, requirements are in place at all Ballarat Gold Mine locations and stipulate individuals should remain an appropriate distance apart as per health and safety guidelines. This applies to site work spaces, and offices Social distancing is being reinforced daily. Traditional greetings such as handshakes are no longer used.

working and communicating

In-person meetings with external stakeholders postponed, cancelled or conducted through technology. People are encouraged to work from home wherever possible. Meeting room capacity has been reduced and seating and appropriate controls in place to appropriate social distancing.

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